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    JR Chemistry Set

    JR's Chemistry Set makes chemistry interesting and fun to learn. It is a handy and powerful reference tool for chemistry enthusiasts and practitioners at all ages and all levels.

    It contains an interactive periodic table based upon the innovative Rota Period that allows you to combine elements into compounds and display the formation of these compounds using Box2d Physics and the accelerometer.

    There is a game feature called Mad Scientist that challenges you to make valuable compounds like Water, Sodium Hydroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide. The quest in the game is to build a rocket ship. You are scored on your ability and these results are displayed in Game Center. In addition, all compounds created are stored in the Library for future reference.

    There is also a series of scenes called Evolution that uses chemistry and particle physics to describe the universe from the Big Bang to Black Holes, providing the link between chemistry and astronomy.

    Detailed information about all of the elements are provided including:Atomic Number, Atomic Weight, Melting Point, Boiling Point, Heat of Fusion, Heat of Vaporization, Heat of Atomization, Ionization Energy, Electrical Conductivity, Electronegativity, Ionic Radius, Van der Waals Radius, Density, Class, Valences, Orbitals, State, Radioactivity and Year Discovered.

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