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    Counter Sitting

    An adult love story that explores the dynamics of human relationships through a technique that creates characters for various personality archetypes. It is a light, often funny example of what happens when you apply the theories of Jung and Joseph Campbell, Freud and Nietzsche (among other popular psychologists and philosophers) to story telling.

    The four main characters (Overman, Lizard, God, Yiz) represent four archetypes of one man and one woman (the real life lovers in the story) who lived together as a young couple in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their adventures are told through the eyes of these characters; making it clear what the larger intended theme/message is, and so it becomes an enjoyable and often hilarious read.

    As the title suggests, the main theme is based upon having intimate kitchen conversations although most of the stories do not occur in the kitchen. Sitting on a kitchen counter discussing life and daily events is a metaphor for how they felt about their relationship: relaxed, intimate, intelligent and loving.

    The writing style is not prose and was once categorized as poetry by a book publisher who rejected it because they did not publish poetry. It has been influenced by James Joyce's stream of consciousness and Nietzche's use of aphorisms. Each "snapshot of life" tells its own little story where the reader is left to fill in the details between snapshots. This makes for a very easy and compelling read once started because "just maybe" the next section will provide more insight about a particular relationship issue or character trait.

    The author lives in Canada, enjoys playing music (songwriting), gardening, cooking and various other pursuits.

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